By D. Simon - You are a twenty something year old man with a family…a contract killer by trade who puts on the kibosh when called to do so….You get a big job to kill Mr Evil. 


The conditions are you work with another trigger man, we will call him ….”Smiley.” This contract is the kind of money that can set you up….as you look at that family of yours you silently determine that Mr Evil is going down! Soon enough the big day arrives, everyone is in position, when Smiley calls it off due to having a hang nail on his trigger finger. The boss likes you guys and gives you another chance and wouldn’t you know it? Smiley once again calls it off, this time for good.

This scenario describes in a different context, exactly what happened to Tyson Fury during his supposed fight to take place with David Haye.

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By D Simon - Boxing is nothing without traditions. Two guys fighting each other in a yard, even when one of the guys is Kimbo Slice, a decent sort and a gentleman….amounts to little more than violence with a few provisions.


When Cus laid out the relationship between the real estate value of the square circle and homicide he had a twinkle in his eye… Like Enki the Mesopotamian trickster, Cus was using skillful means to make Iron Mike a means to the most coveted title in all of boxing, the heavyweight champion of the world.

Often the most intelligent people don’t make the connection: Boxing truly became itself when Plebian and Patrician alike decided that the Marquis of Queensbury rules held sway. The squared circle became more than a court of last resort to resolve the unresolvable….it was magically transformed with proper rituals and participants into a venerable tradition amounting to much more than a fistfight with witnesses…….

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By Stafford Attzs - The most objective way to measure greatness in boxing is to consider only three criteria: Dominance, Quality of beaten opposition and significant achievement(s). They are also to be weighted in that order.  If we agree on these criteria then we can minimize bias when evaluating the careers of great fighters.


Dominance is first because it shows that he is/was foremost among his peers in his generation. It proves that the fighter was consistent and not a brief flame. It proves that he was versatile and had a variety of top qualities; for to dominate, presumably for a respectable period of time over a number of title fights, he would have had to have triumphed over a variety of styles and abilities. He would have proven to not have been a fluke that only looks good on certain nights against certain fighters.

Dominance is the first sign of greatness.

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By D. Simon - Maidana melted the Wicked Witch of Cincinnati. The kid with the big mouth, no humility and a bad habit of writing checks with his mouth that his ass could not cash!


Schadenfreude has never felt so good in boxing land. Boxing land is a place where duplicity and being duped go together like peanut butter and chocolate. It is a place where a man like Floyd Mayweather Junior who could not sell a drink of water to a dessert rat, emerged from the De La Hoya fight as the man who makes it rain.

In his own words, “Love me or hate me either way you will pay me”

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According to Golden Boy CEO, Richard Schaefer, Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner (27-1, 22 KO’s), has exercised a stipulated rematch clause for a second showdown with Argentinian puncher, Marcos Rene Maidana (35-3, 31 KO’s).

Broner, 24, lost his WBA World welterweight title and unbeaten record to the Argentinian in December and has since then expressed a desire, via Twitter, to fight ‘El Chino’ again, saying that a second fight would be different to the first. 

When the pair met at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, last month, ‘The Problem’ hit the canvas for the first time in his career during the second round. Broner was also dropped for a second time in the eighth round, but showed plenty of heart and determination to the win fight in what was an absorbing contest. 

Maidana, 30, recently took to twitter to clarify that nothing has been confirmed on who he will fight next or a date and plans to rest and weigh up his options. 

There are many in the boxing world who feel that the move to rematch Maidana could spell disaster for Broner, but flip the coin and many feel that the American would take the Argentinian more seriously and would shine in a second instalment.

By D.Simon - Dana White has been called many things. It amuses this writer that people want to group him in with the likes of Bob Arum when in fact White has already shown the capacity to change his mind, admit error and benefit from changing horses midstream……something one can hardly attribute to Arum, a man who would allegedly rather publicly exploit the loyalty of his star fighter Manny Pacquiao, than agree to step aside and let Pacquiao try to make a fight with Floyd Mayweather. Case in point is White’s decision to let female competitors into the UFC.


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By Jimbo McFinkelstein, FightBeat Boxing Guru

On June 8, 2013, it took Adonis “Superman” Stevenson just 76 seconds to announce himself on the World stage; landing a devastating left hand to rip the WBC light heavyweight title from “Bad” Chad Dawson’s clutches. This Saturday night, Stevenson aims to produce the goods once again as he attempts to keep the lineal championship with victory over Tavoris “Thunder” Cloud.

Stevenson, 21(18)-1-0, made his pro debut in 2006 at the age of 29. It was a late start in to boxing but he has most certainly made up for lost time. After 13 straight wins, Stevenson suffered the first and only loss of his career to date at the hands of journeyman Darnell Boone; who knocked Stevenson out in two rounds. “Superman” wiped the dust off his cape to record six straight wins inside the distance, with two of those wins coming by way of knockout. Stevenson then avenged the defeat to Boone in March earlier this year; crushing him in six rounds.

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"Stinger" Karl Hegman presents a fabulous night of boxing at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, Texas.

Headlining the card is Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza. More details to come, but the card is scheduled for the spring boxing season.

Watch the weight in live

By Jimbo McNugget, Fightbeat boxing correspondent - The boxing season returns on August 17 as Britain’s Darren “Dazzling” Barker challenges Australia’s, Daniel “Real Deal” Geale, for the IBF middleweight title. The pair are set to clash at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 


Barker and Geale have been on a collision course since 2002 when they both won Gold medals at the Manchester Commonwealth Games, albeit in different weight classes. They both have solid amateur backgrounds and World-class experience as pros and are at a point in their careers where a win on August 17 would set them up for more big fights on the World stage. They understand what a win would do for their career and how a loss would affect them. They each have tons of heart and a desire to succeed, which will make this fight very exciting and the occasion overall very special.

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